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BSI Kitemark for Vehicle Damage Repair - KM 665282

Experienced Fitter/Stripper wanted for our BSI 10125 accredited Woking site


Get every Friday off for more YOU time.

Hours: Mon-Weds 06.00-17.30. Thurs 06.00-18.00.

Salary: £16.00 an hour

Benefits: Company Pension

Applicants will:

Be a confident mechanical & electrical fitter / stripper fitter MET

Have your own tools

Be able to do four wheel alignment

Have diagnostics experience

Have minimum 3 years’ experience

Have a valid UK driving licence

Have the ability to work on a wide range of makes and models of cars

Have good interpersonal skills

Be able to work to targets and deadlines

You will have the responsibility for removing and replacing all the mechanical, electrical and trim components on a wide range of vehicles

ATA/NVQ Level 3/City Guilds qualification advantageous though a minimum of 3 years’ experience of MET stripping & fitting would be sufficient.

This is an auto body shop in the automotive sector.

Come and be part of a BSI 10125 accredited, manufacturer approved happy team.

Please email your CV to


Benefits of The 4 Day Work Week

Although the idea of a 4 Day Work Week is relatively new, participating companies are already experiencing positive results. From physical and mental health improvements to increased productivity and employee retention. The good far outweighs the bad when it comes to working one less day a week! Here are the top benefits of the 4 Day Work Week:

Increases Productivity

Oftentimes, when discussing the 4 Day Work Week, people make the assumption that fewer days worked will equal lower productivity. However, as reported by Forbes, “In 2019, Microsoft Japan tested reducing the workweek by one day, which led to a 40% boost in productivity.

Better Work-Life Balance

People working a 4 Day Work Week testify that they spend more time with their family, doing the things they love. Employees feeling more fulfilled in life are more likely to stay with the company. As you already know, retaining fully trained and talented employees is essential for company productivity, growth, and longevity.

Improves Health

When employees are given the chance to spend more time away from the office, they are more likely to take care of their mental and physical health. An extra day off each week gives people the downtime needed to recuperate and focus on their health. Companies who have adopted the 4 Day Work Week report that employees come back to work refreshed. And in turn, ready to work efficiently!

Reduces Carbon Footprint

Many companies put the reduction in carbon footprint at around 30% simply by offering one full day off per week”. This means that by giving each employee an extra day off each week, a company can significantly reduce its carbon footprint. Think about the positive impact this can have on our Earth’s atmosphere, if each country vowed to adopt the 4 Day Work Week!


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