Unprecedented Crash Repair Industry Delays


The NBRA is the national trade body for most car crash repairers in the UK. We would like to inform you that customers are facing considerable delays at the moment both in terms of waiting for repairs to start and also extended repair durations and courtesy car shortages. We just wish to make you aware that this is a national problem affecting nearly all UK repairers and is not the fault of the individual repairer you are using.

There are many reasons for this, but the particularly tough trading period of Covid has left the industry with fewer repairers and a national shortage of skilled staff, creating a huge strain on the remaining repairers. In addition to this fact, lower vehicle production due to a microchip shortage has made it hard for repairers to lease courtesy cars which are often required by customers during repairs. On top of all of this, due to Covid and international unrest there is also severe delays sourcing some parts necessary to complete crash repairs.

We would ask you to be as patient as possible and would like to apologise on behalf of your repairer for the delays which are industry wide and beyond your chosen repairer’s control.

Miles Better Vehicle Solutions appreciate your patience though please note, at present we are looking up to 4-6 weeks to book repairs in. Please be assured that we are working very hard to reduce this timeline.

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